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Curly Hair Advice Needed, Please Help

Hello Groupthinkers! I know there are lots of curly girls out there, and I'm hoping to capitalize on your collective awesomeness ... please give me product advice for my hair.

I have curly hair, but have worn it straight since I started college way back in 2002. For the last two years (maybe thee ... ?) I have had it regularly relaxed every three months with Brazilian Blowouts (these make it wavy, and I still blow dry it straight). Naturally it is fine but very course with almost no "slip", with curls that spiral not super tight, about the width of a finger.

I think I want to roll as a curly girl now that my hair is long-ish (shoulder length). But even though the relaxing I've done supposedly fades away over time ... that is crap. I have sections of hair, especially around my face on the lower half of my hair, that are just stupid wavy and don't match the curls close to my scalp. IT IS DUMB AND I HATE IT.


I think I need a good curl activator, but I'm having trouble finding one and don't want to spend loads of money on product that doesn't work. Right now I'm using DevaCurl LowPoo and Conditioner, and then ArcAngel.

I'd like it to not be crunchy, if possible. PLEASE HALP ME.

Here is an adorable kitteh for your troubles.

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