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Curly hair in 2017, a narcissistic/diary post

The Background

I have battled with my curly hair almost my whole life. As a kid I wore my hair in ponytails every day (with bows, duh), and as a young teenager I desperately tried to brush it straight (that was... bad). There was a brief interlude, when I was around 14, where I accidently had great hair because I started using olive oil as my primary styling product and wasn’t yet allowed to dye it... but then I got a flat iron.


Having curly hair has mostly pissed me off. I like to color my hair, to experiment with products, to be bad to it, basically — unfortunately, curly hair reacts even more poorly to damage than straight hair does. That said, I have decided to seriously (for the umpteenth time) take better care of my hair in 2017. The world may be falling to shit, but I will have glorious hair.

The Resolution

My plan is this: get a haircut for curly hair, stop dying it all the time, and NO MORE STRAIGHTENING. No more! I had my hair Brazilian straightened at the salon for years until two years ago, when I quit that. I thought when I stopped the chemical treatments, I’d get my hair back. Oh ha ha ha me! Not so fast. My curls were stringy and horrible. So I’ve spent the past two years mostly blow drying + flat ironing it straight and trying to stretch that out between washes.


(This has been a pain in my ass, and made me not understand what type of curls I even have because my hair was so damaged that it was hard to tell.)

Despite claiming at that time that I wanted to grow my hair out curly and wear it curly, I didn’t do that in practice. I still defaulted to straightening my hair because it makes me feel more confident. I say “makes” because I’m being honest.


I know I’ll never have what I wanted growing up— namely, hair that can be washed and then air dried without product and styling, AKA straight/wavy hair — but I can learn to appreciate what I have. Curly hair is fucking beautiful. I have spent hours on Instagram and Youtube admiring other people’s gorgeous, curly hair.

Look at these!

These videos both feature what’s roughly **waves hand back and forth** my hair texture.


The DevaCut

With this in mind I figured “why not start with a good base?” and I went and got a DevaCurl haircut. The salon owner cut my hair dry — as expected — and it took a long time and she was super chatty (dislike). She didn’t cut nearly as much hair as I thought she would, which would probably please most people, but kind of made me feel like she might be missing a bunch of damaged pieces? When I told her I was going for volume, she said that would be mostly in the styling, and I was like, “huh.”


Then, post cut, she co-washed with the No-Poo and conditioned (didn’t rinse out the conditioner) my hair and started talking styling products. The first thing she did was talk up hair gel, which... I have never really liked gel. But I decided to be open to new things. She used a lot of gel, two handfuls, to be exact, and then put me under a dryer where I sat for a half hour with clips holding up my roots.

After I got out of the dryer my hair was still wet, and it was crunchy from the gel, but flipping it upside down and squeezing the crunchiness off made for a huge improvement. I thought, “Ok, not the transformation I was hoping for, but not bad either!” I went home.


Hours later my hair was fully dry and I looked in the mirror... what an improvement! My hair was in defined ringlets! Not as much volume as I’d like, but literally ZERO frizz and lots of shine. Suffice to say, I bought the gel.

This was last week (pre-Christmas) and I’m about to take a shower and try to re-do my hair with a diffuser and style using some of the techniques in the above videos. I’ll report back.

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