Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Current favorite youtubers

Just a post to share. Mine will be mostly beauty-adjacent.

Kennie J.D - She has this series (Bad Movies & A Beat) where she reviews bad movies and does her makeup. She also has some REALLY intriguing story times as well.

Edit: I wanna add another one of Kennie’s, cause it’s hilarious

nisipisa - Just started following her after a bunch of hype on beauty forums. So not much to say other than she’s really entertaining.

nappyheadedjojoba - She’s more political, but still beauty-adjacent. I don’t think anyone here would have a problem with what she talks about from a political stand point. I found her because after I made that post about Van Girl I got a bunch of recommendations on her possibly being a YT plant. I’m still not sure about that (I still follow Jennelle Eliana, but I 100% agree YT just decided to make her the chosen one. But I also know that’s not the first time they’ve done that with pretty young women), but I still found the videos entertaining. AND it introduced me to this YTer, so it’s a win.

Theresa is Dead - Another newish youtuber I follow. I’m always looking for YTers that I can actually trust about makeup items, and it’s always fleeting (they get more known, and get the PR and stop being trust-worthy). For the time being, I trust this one. I like this series where she drinks and talks about new makeup

Are you into Youtube? Tell me your new faves!


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