So I’m sitting here, chugging theraflu, wallowing. Just looking for some commiseration/kind words/helpful thoughts or ideas/reassurance.

Might I welcome you into my life? Here are my issues, in bullet form.

-I went off my ssri (citalopram) pretty much cold turkey. Because I suck and I missed an appointment by accident cause I am a disorganized mess and didn’t reschedule another one.

-I went off adderall a few months ago because I’m tying to get pregnant.

-I’m not pregnant.

-I’m a mess. Irritable, weepy, veryyyy anxious. Had what I’d call a low grade anxiety attack (does that qualify ?) I dunno I don’t want to minimize people’s experiences.


-I’m having serious nightmares and a hard time sleeping.

-my therapist cancelled my appointment for tomorrow due to snow and I can’t reschedule til next Thursday cause of work and even then I’m going to have to cancel my after school program.


-I have zero motivation. None. I am doing the actual bare minimum in life.

-I haven’t worked out in well over a month (yoga) and I feel super guilty and stressed about it. I think about it all the time yet I do nothing cause again, no motivation.


-I’m gaining weight. I tried on three different outfits til I didn’t hate the way I looked this morning. I feel disgusted with myself.

-I can’t stop eating..

-I’m sick. Serious cold symptoms over here, folks. Can’t breathe through nose, head stuffs, ears blocked, sore throat, low temp, yes a LOW TEMP cause that’s I thing that happens to me.


-I’m embarrassed by all of this and afraid to speak up. I sound dumb when I do.

-the nurse at the practice, the one I see for meds, well I saw her on Thursday. She said she’d email info about antidepressants and pregnancy within 24 hours and she hasn’t. I called Friday afternoon and left a message, said very nonchalantly I’m having a hard time here... haven’t heard from her. Called her again today an hour ago, no response.


-my mood is ridiculous. Can’t focus, weepy, completely unmotivated, scared, anxious, jumpy... so sad...

What in the Sam Hill, guys. Can’t a girl just catch a break. Or some meds?????!