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Current state of my move to NYC (your pm OT)

I hope no one minds me writing about this continuously. It helps me get out of my head all of the details of this. Maybe also it will help anyone else planning a cross country move?

1. Moving company- pod type: Being in a big city - and moving to a big city - makes some things complicated - particularly using those lower cost pod-type services. I can use one here in Chicago, but they can’t park the pod in my zip code, so I’d have to move my stuff to their depot and pack it into the pod there. Even if I use a moving company to move my stuff from here to there, that may be the cheapest option. I’m too lazy to go do the math right now though. Weirdly, they *can* park on the street in NYC - so unloading on that end is just fine. BTW, the company I got a quote from is ABF. My uncle owns a trucking company (local, in a diff state unfortunately), and that is who he recommended.


2. Moving company - the more typical type: One local company said they would charge $3500 (as a discounted rate) if I paid cash. Not sure what the full rate is (maybe 4k). One benefit of them is that I’d be their sole customer - so only my stuff would be in the truck, and they’d drive from here to there in a couple of days. I got quotes from two national companies (Mayflower and United Van Lines; both apparently use ABF for the trucking). They were $3800-3900. Apparently the costs go up because of all of my books - even though I am going to winnow them down to 4 bookcases full. I think it might be cheaper to ship the books? I worry about shipping stuff though to a place with no doorperson.

3. Flying: I had hoped to find someone to fly with me - and we each take one cat. But so far no one can do it (despite getting a free trip to NYC). I learned today that you can bring two cats in one carrier on American - so I booked my flight today and upgraded to exit row so if the carrier sticks out a bit, it’ll be okay. I’m stressed about doing that all on my own - but it’ll be quick and it’ll be fine.


4. Sublet: I am arriving 1.5 weeks before my apartment is ready because that is when my postdoc mentor will be there, and I don’t really want to arrive when she isn’t there. I also don’t want to be flying right before labor day weekend, as things would be too crowded and hectic. I had arranged a sublet of a studio apartment near my new place for the 1.5 weeks, but the tenant who is subleasing kind of fell off the side of the earth and wasn’t responding to emails or texts. I panicked and posted on my new university’s off-campus housing board, and someone helped me find another possible sublet. It’s more expensive, but it’s a full one bedroom and it’s a few blocks from the university, which would be nice. I think the studio may just have a coffee maker, mini fridge and microwave in the studio room. So, now I’m torn about which to use. A friend also said I could stay with her for free - but her extra bed is in an area with no door. Because I will have two cats (and she has one), that might be tense. But it is nice as a backup.

5. Random: My mom texted me to see if I am bringing the frying pan she gave me for xmas with me to NYC - because if not, she wanted me to ship it to her. Also, she want to know what my plans for txgiving and xmas are. Egads - I can barely focus on what I have going on right now!


What’s going on with you?

ETA: my closest friend offered to fly with me. I had thought about asking her - but she has mobility issues, and I thought that might be challenging - plus a trip to NYC might not be that fun, but she wants to!

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