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Current Status: FREAKING OUT

One of the perks of working for a university is that they’ll pay my tuition for up to 120 credits of classes here.

However: It turns out that the tuition benefit is only tax-exempt for undergraduate studies. For a grad program, the first $5250 is tax-exempt, and after that they have to take the taxes out of my paycheck. It’s a pretty expensive school, so while a “just the taxes” tuition is a significant discount, I’d still end up paying (or rather, not being paid) about $20,000 for it over the course of three years.

However, part 2: I can apply to receive tax-free tuition benefits if I can demonstrate that the program will help me with my job. I’m primarily an admin assistant, so there’s only a tenuous link between my job and the program I was accepted to, but I put in the request anyway, and...



YOU GUYS I’M FREAKING OUT. I keep rereading everything on the website like “there’s no way this actually means what I think it means” but I think it does. I get to go to grad school for free. I don’t have to go into debt for it or get a roommate or live on ramen. I just have to keep working for the university, which is easy since I’m already doing that.


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