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Currying favor (har har, I am punny)

My mother is addicted to Penzeys spices.

This is not without good reason, as their spices are amazing. Once you try their Vietnamese cinnamon, you'll never want to go back to the stuff you buy at the grocery store. Same with any of their varieties of vanilla.

I have a few containers of stuff I've purchased over the years, but this year my mother gave me the granddaddy of Christmas presents: eight one-ounce containers of various spices used in Indian foods. She doesn't like Indian food, but she knew that I am obsessed with it and could eat it for every meal. So, she pretty much picked out everything that said it was used in Indian food, put it in a box, and gave it to us for Christmas.


tl;dr, I need curry recipes! Who has made a curry (any type) and has a good recipe to share? I know the internets could tell me, but I want something you've found tried and true.

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