Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
Illustration for article titled Cursed Child, Act 4, Part 2: What to expect when your psycho lieutenant is expecting (or not?)

Because we all need a laugh after this week! This week’s Advanced Muggle Studies discussion is THE LAST ONE on Cursed Child, and we discuss: convenient bedding, hipster Draco, terrible parenting, why we know everything and nothing, Ron’s transformation into a Muggle, Romeo and Ginny, FUCKING BELLATRIX ARE YOU SERIOUS, Voldemort’s personal boundaries, the sexual dynamics of the Harry Potter series, Rodolphus Lestrange’s deal, how JK Rowling’s skill as a writer single-handedly created HP slashfic, Force Lightning Level, the utter uselessness of Brachiobendo, and why we are all Cedric Diggory by the end of this play.

Also, this is our LAST ep on Cursed Child! Fantastic Beasts is up next, and we have A BUTTLOAD of things to say about it. Hopefully we will see you there. In the meantime, enjoy our last go-around with the most hapless of closeted lovers, Albus and Scorpius.


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