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Update: So rental management cashed the check AND the bank returned that money to me AND I gave rental management a money order. So it’s possible their bank will reject it as a bad check and charge ANOTHER $30 fee. A fee that my bank will also have to cover. This is a cruel joke, right?

A curse on my rental management company! I curse them all!

I paid my rent using my bank’s bill pay, like I have every month for the last 6 months, because if I pay online using my card they charge a ridiculous fee and my bank doesn’t issue checkbooks. Last month, my check was issued and sent on the 21st because the bank guarantees delivery within 5 business days.


On the 5th, I came home to a late notice including the $45 late rent fee. Fine, this is an issue with the bank because their check must have gotten lost in the mail. So I emailed the managment office a screenshot of the timestamped payment and say that we will discuss this ASAP, because the deadline before they file a legal complaint against me for non payment is the 10th. I call first thing Saturday morning, and the leasing agent working that day is utterly useless.

So Monday I call the bank and discuss this with them. They verify that my check was withdrawn and sent, but it’s not showing as cashed yet. So since I have this deadline to worry about, I tell them to cancel that check and add the money back to my account so I can buy a money order (including the $45 fee I should not be paying) and get my rent into them on time. They agree to do an investigation on this to get me reimbursed for that late rent fee, since this was their guarantee that fell through.

So on Tuesday I get a money order and walk it to the rental office. But they are busy with a potential renter, so I drop it in the rental drop box in plain sight of the leasing agent and e-mail the office telling them there is a money order waiting for them in the drop box with the issue number, and tell them again that my bank will be contacting them to sort out what happened.

Wednesday morning I get a call from management saying, “Oops, our bad! We got your check on Friday and cashed it on Monday morning, and the check does show it was issued on the 21st!” So I call them and tell them that I discussed this with the bank since the leasing agent I spoke to was not helping. The bank is still investigating, but there is a money order in their drop box (like I said in my e-mail) with the additional fee which I shouldn’t have been charged with. I also e-mail the banker working on my issue with this update, to make sure I’m not paying double in rent this month.


So imagine my surprise when I leave for work this morning and see a note slipped into my door saying I’m $45 short on my account!

If I wasn’t using Nioxin at the moment I’m pretty sure I’d be bald from the stress and pulling my hair out over this. Their office needs to open so I can yell at someone.

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