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Senator Warren literally has nothing to worry about from him. He has a failed company and well an alt right loon.

A line in the article does concern me greatly though. She is only ahead by three points against Weld. Weld last night really cut the legs off his running mate Johnson on MSNBC when he said no one is more qualified then Hillary and he does not want Trump to win.


Weld as we all know is not really a libertarian. Weld though is very well liked across the political spectrum in New England. If Weld as being reported drops out of the race to support Hillary. Bluntly I do not see why he wouldn’t Johnson seems like a very nice man but he seems to know little.

Last week at the town hall meeting with Chris Matthews interviewing Johnson and Weld. Anyone remember the scene from Chicago with the lawyer and his client, it was done as a ventriqualist act. That’s what that interview was like when it came to “favorite foreign leader”. Weld being the lawyer and Johnson the dummy.

Senator Warren and Weld would face off in 2018 an off year election. Weld would be seen as putting country over party. Who doesn’t love that. Also in New England and especially Mass have a love for fiscal conservatives and social liberals. This is why Weld and the late Paul Cellucci are so fondly loved.


I also predict Governor Baker will win reelection he fits the Weld/Cellucci mold. Scott Brown did not and thus lost.

If Weld runs against Senator Warren and if he drops out as Johnson’s vp pick I predict he will win.



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