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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Custom couple portraits?

I don't mean to talk weddings twice in one day, but after some great suggestions on my other (bitching about money) post, I was perusing Etsy for wedding/shower present ideas. And I came across the custom couple portrait thing, which is apparently a thing! For wedding gifts! They're too expensive for this friend, but I actually have another wedding coming up that this is the perfect gift for.

So, before I find some random online, do any GTers do custom artwork or know people who do custom artwork? I am looking for a pretty specific style, so I apologize ahead of time if we don't match up, but I thought I'd give it a shot! I'm looking to spend about $80-$100 (plus shipping) on a drawing or painting of my friends for their wedding. They are REALLY not sappy, and they're really quirky and nerdy, so the really romantic ones wouldn't fit their personalities. They also had a border of wizards, Batman, an ATAT, a Lego guy, a Dalek, Bender, the Starship Enterprise, Mary Poppins (lolwut) and a T-Rex. Cause they are SO COOL LIKE THAT. This wedding is going to be fun.


Any recs? :) This is the time for shameless self/friend promotion!

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