My co-worker/co-manager of art studio just got called Hitler by a customer. This is actually the second time this exact person has come in there and called her that. The first time he was yelling and she was shaking and he just left. She’s texting me now that she went and just locked herself in the storage room because he came in and did it again.

I mean, I’m not the manager of her particular thing but if it were me, I’d blacklist his ass. I mean, how is he treating the other customers, or the art teachers, if he’s doing that at the manager beforehand?

Like, our level of customer service problems usually is limited to someone being “displeased” for stupid reasons.

I don’t even know what to tell her. Well, I told her to kick his ass out but I think she is afraid to.

Comparing someone to Hitler is so fucking offensive. I mean, it’s offensive to my coworker, but extra offensive to people who actually suffered at the hands of Hitler.


I don’t know why she was Hitler the first time, but you know why she’s Hitler today? Because she won’t let him bring a GRILL to grill in the parking lot during his art class. Like, what??!