Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

A) I was at Goodwill it started really nice. A clerk said " hi how are you today". Usually I say hi but today I did not see her at first and she smiled and said it. Anyways I was heading to the electronics aisle. Its next to the toy aisle. I heard a woman tell her child.not to use the water gun, he did and got water on the floor. He looked four. They kept on shopping. Sorry but a lot of seniors go to Goodwill and a wet floor.can be slippery. Did the mother do anything? Nope.kept on shopping. So rude, so sloppy. Another clerk spotted the mess and cleaned it. Still the mother should have said something. Not depend on someone to see it after.

B) In a consignment shop amd you see a sugar bowl it is NOT, let me repeat NOT a place to throw your candy wrapper in. I was browsing and sure enough that's what I saw. I had to pick it up the sugar bowl carry it to the nice clerk whom I have known for years and on first name basis with, show her the mess, lean into her work area to empty out the mess. Into the waste pail. We ended up talking about this. I said another customer may have wanted to buy it but passed thinking "gross no way will.I touch this" which meant a loss of a sale to the store and consignor.The clerk who is very, very good.at her job took it to the bathroom to clean it.


C) after that traumatic.experience my mother and I went grocery shopping. I ordered a slice.of.pepperoni pizza 1/4th of a 19 inch which they heat in a huge oven then slice in half. I ate it in the cafeteria, today it was filled with employees eating. The manager of.the cashiers was eating alone. She always is alone on breaks I noticed. Hard not to notice things in a small cafeteria you eat either a slice of pizza or a donut two to three times a week. Sometimes four times.

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