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Cute Boy Person and the Ninja Announcement Debacle UPDATED!

Cute Boy Person and I have 25 Facebook friends in common, and after a couple of days of deliberation, I decided to ninjainvite* him to be my Facebook boyfriend. We spend almost every day together that he’s in town. Everything’s been going great. We each store power cables for our electronics at each other’s places. I gave him a key that allows him to lock himself out (but not get in). We bought hypoallergenic bath stuff for me to have at his place last night so I could shower there. Realistically, we’re in a relationship.

So just before going out to lunch, I changed my profile to say “in a relationship with [Cute Boy Person]” expecting that it would send him a notification to accept the change, which would likely pop up on the way to lunch on his phone and give us a giggle on the way. We had a giggle on the way back because I spotted this act of brazen graffiti and after taking pictures, we spent about 2 minutes “beholding!” things. (CBP yelled out what’s captioned while I was taking photos.)


Instead of what I expected, Facebook posted an announcement with a giant version of CBP’s profile pic to my timeline and tagged him, so that his friends were notified too. When we got back from lunch, there was a line of congrats messages and he had no idea. So I had to explain to him what happened. Then I posted that apparently, Facebook sends out a notification without verifying with the other person, so enjoy your newfound ability to unilaterally declare a relationship with a Facebook friend and tell their friends and family all about it! Then he started getting IMs asking if I was stalking him. I decided to not put the overly attached girlfriend image in the thread.

Now I’ve had to apologize to him for alerting everyone that he’s my boyfriend without actually clearing that with him first. He’s on a train back to his parent’s place with his parents having just been alerted to the situation on Facebook. Hooray for me!


He says he understands what I was trying to do and he was amused. The guy is clearly my boyfriend but he still should have had to approve the announcement, FFS.

*In case anyone doesn't know, ninjainviting in a game is when you invite someone to be a member of your party but don't tell them why, hoping that they'll accept. This is usually followed by queuing for something that they didn't agree to do because you never asked. It's like ringing your friend's doorbell and yelling "get in the car" on the hope that they will get in and let you drive them wherever.


ETA: He has now accepted the Facebook relationship request and I no longer look like a stalker. Huzzah. I thought I was going to have to ask him to and that would just up today's mortification level.

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