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You gals (and occasional guys), I am totally infatuating over Cute Boy Person right now. Hardcore infatuating. This is a guy that I've been friends with for a decade and only discovered was cute a few months ago and now I'm like "how did I not know that he's awesome? Argh!" And we're in this awkward phase, which I am determined to get out of and was hoping to get out of today. Seriously, I have a plan.

It's pretty clear at this point that I won't be freaking out about having him in my place helping me clean, so I'm going to sit him down and explain that since we don't have to worry about that, that he doesn't have to physically avoid me. And then I'm going to explain to him that I would like to kiss him and I've been trying to get a chance to sit him down and talk to him about this for a month and a half (most of which he was out of town).


It's going to be totally fucking awkward! And that's probably for the best. It will certainly be less awkward than when the guy that I used to be shacked up with decided to remove the kissing boundary over IM after dating for 6 months:

DeposedDespot: "I would like to try kissing on a one-time only, experimental basis and if it doesn't work out we should probably break up."

Me: "So no pressure then."

DeposedDespot: "How's 6pm Wednesday?"

Me: "It's a date!"

End result: DeposedDespot: "OK, I like that, We can keep doing that. No need to break up." That's some serious moves right there.

Or that time I was asked out by my now best friend: "Hey, give me your number. I mean, unless you're seeing somebody or something."


This will be more like "Now that that's out of the way, I would like to kiss you! How do you feel about that?"

<— Actual face will be older.

Cute Boy Person and I used to work in the same programming language, so we have like 70 Facebook friends in common. Anyway, one of them is his former manager who is bisexual and would like both of us in a box to go (but his wife won't let him). He's the only person that I've talked to about this that is friends with CBP, and of course, his attitude is "I can't believe it took you two this long to try this." I told him about last week's freakout and me telling CBP that "it wasn't him but the situation is bringing up bad memories and he said 'Well, time to make some new memories' and how does he know the exact right thing to say so much of the time?" "I think people really underestimate him. He's a good egg. And so are you."


I told him some of the things that CBP does physically around me and he went "He's even more shy than I am! You're going to have to make the first move."


So... next cleaning session... awkward people mating dance.

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