We're not even close to done yet. There will be an installment III and I keep threatening to hire a day laborer to do my laundry. It's probably a terrible idea.

I feel like I did almost nothing today. I helped in a room that we did most of yesterday, then we moved furniture and vacuumed. I'd mentioned to him on Wednesday that chemical smells like cleaning chemicals, gas fumes, etc. make me sick. Well, the vacuum was new and you know how sometimes you buy electronics and the first time you turn them on they stink? Oh, it was bad. I had to flee the room, take meds, and lay down. He couldn't smell it at all after a few minutes but I could smell it in the other room, past an open door to the outside and a HEPA filter— for ten minutes after the vacuuming stopped. I was coughing and I was dizzy even before I was coughing. Before I started coughing, I was leaning in a closet doorway and he stopped vacuuming to ask if I was ok. I expect I was pastier than usual. Then I started hacking up a lung.

I was down for an hour or so and I never really got my strength back. He came in to check on me after 20 minutes or so, to make sure I was ok. Thankfully, by the time he vacuumed the next room that we cleaned, the smell was mostly gone.

While I was recovering, Cute Boy Person used all the stinky chemicals in the bathroom, so my bathroom no longer looks like a bachelor pad bathroom. When cleaning chemicals make you sick, you end up not cleaning the bathroom much. When I was shacked up before, the guy that I was living with was in charge of all bathroom cleaning and we would schedule it for when I wasn't going to be home so he could air things out. Cute Boy Person also got to open a window that I wasn't strong enough to open and remove a light bulb that I can't reach, so his manliness and tallness have been affirmed. (He's like 5'6" and a geek, so those things probably don't happen much.)


Last night, we took out several bags of trash. Overnight, scavengers opened all the bags of trash and rooted through them, leaving the trash all over the sidewalk. We planned to rebag it later in the day but the city came to clean it up before we'd rebagged it. My landlord may be getting a bill. Oops.

I used to come home from clubbing and take off my fancy outfit in the living room, leaving the clothes on the couch. That meant that there was a stack of fancy laundry on the couch, containing many pairs of sexy underwear, two corsets, and one black utilitarian bra, now named Mathilda. I'm very happy to have been reunited with Mathilda because it feels weird to wear a white bra under a black outfit and most of my clothes are black. This means that I do not need to buy a replacement. Also, the advanced frilliness and laciness of what was on the couch today solidified the idea that hiring a day laborer to do my laundry would be bad. I think I have about 7 loads of laundry to do right now and we haven't gotten to my bedroom yet. Apparently, my taste is sexy underwear is hilarious. That's probably accurate.

We threw out the cushions to one of my couches because it is terrible and needs to be thrown away. Now it has no cushions, so that might actually happen. Then I will only have a loveseat in my living room. I need a job so I can buy a new couch.


Something came up today that reminded me of the last guy that I had over to help me clean my place, and when I mentioned it, Cute Boy Person said "compartmentalize." Good Cute Boy Person. Later we were sitting on my bed ordering dinner and I started to lean over and put my head on his shoulder... and then I realized that we hadn't crossed that bridge yet. I knew that he would probably turn to me and say "compartmentalize" and he would have been totally right so I stopped before I reached him. We really need to get past this barely touching phase but not under circumstances where touching could cause bad things to happen. Sigh.


I got worn out early and I apologized for getting worn out. He said "stress and anxiety are exhausting. It's understandable. Don't worry about it" and he wasn't patronizing me. I said "and the pain isn't helping. And the smell earlier." "Exactly. It's all good." And then his cab arrived. He's coming back tomorrow, on a workday.