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Cute Boy Person, The Cleansening: The Snoggening Basil

My bedroom smells like basil. Sort of. There was an incident with basil-scented cleaner last night. I talked to Cute Boy Person about my post-text-message freak out and about Beyonce the Giant Metal Chicken being my spirit animal last night because I'm a giant fucking chicken. He said he liked my message. He said he'd thought about it all day and before he came over he decided that this was an excellent idea.

We were on my naked bed waiting for sheet laundry, talking. We got some stuff out in the open that needed to be there. Our heads got closer and closer together. And then I was like "screw this" and kissed him. It took a second for it to register and then he was all:


only, where the saliva part was about two and a half hours long with some clothing removal. He has a tattoo! Who knew?

He had to leave town tonight. The saliva delay put him behind schedule and he's going to have to cancel his morning exercise class. Oh well. Obviously, it was worth it. I think I'll be sleeping well tonight.

Goodnight sweet Groupthink. I'll check my notifications in the morning.

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