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To counteract my anxiety about the election and some other things, I have been looking at cute clothes a lot. I’ve even ordered a few things. Here’s some stuff I like. Feel free to post stuff you like too!!

I actually ordered this - and it just arrived! Haven’t tried it on yet.


Desperately want this coat, but it doesn’t come in plus. :(

I got this dress for a gala last month, and it was a huge hit. It now comes in three other colors (lavendar, aqua, and hot pink - and I want all of them!)


I have this dress in the cactus print - it is a huge fave.


I really really want this coat -but it has no reviews yet. I also just got a navy blue coat from eshakti. I can’t have too many coats - because Chicago winter - but two navy ones? It comes in red too, but I don’t think it’s quite as cute.


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