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I went to visit my parents this weekend and part of the excitement is that they recently got a brand-new kitty. Arabella is an Arabian Mau, brought back from Abu Dhabi by a friend of a friend (she brought back a bunch of homeless cats from her visit). She was born in March, so she's still a kitten - my parents have only had adult cats for years so I think they're quite surprised at how naughty she can be.

She is, from what I can gather, a textbook Arabian Mau, tiny and elegant with a lean body and big ears, and very people-oriented and fun loving. Funniest of all, she and my 8-year-old became fast friends. My daughter played with her almost non-stop; running around and engaging her with cat toys, really only taking a break for mealtimes and bathroom breaks (hers and the cat's). And then, at the end, the two of them curled up together on the couch and snuggled together. Seriously, this cat loved my kid. I tried snuggling with kitty and she wasn't having it. Sorry the photo is so fuzzy - low light - but then it's just as well because I'm not sure I want really clear photos of my kids up on the internet for long.


That is one contented cat. Loving life, aside from the fact that a dog that a neighbour was dogsitting got loose and caught her and tried to eat her, for real.

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