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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Cute post

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I am home with my family and as per usual, our conversations tend to go something like this: That's a cute bag in that cute store. And the jelly? Totally cute. Oh and I love to go to Blanche and Mimi— all the cute candles and purses and soaps. All so cute. Do you see those Jane Austen's books? They are so cute. Oh wow, a Ferrari? Cute. I totally loved that restaurant—the food was so cute. And the drinks, totally cute. That movie? Wasn't it cute? The ending was especially cute. So was that courtroom scene—cute cute cute cute. And the furniture in their house? Cute. I saw those record players. So cute. And those records. Cute. What do you think of the elections? Cute or cute? Those earrings? Cute. Sandwiches? Cute. Shoes—cute. Cute-cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute.


I think we need a new word. I'm like in cuteness overload.

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