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Cute Story or Maddening?

My mother’s friend (MF) who has no grandchildren called to tell her what she thought was cute. My mother has many friends who call.

MF has a sister who has a grandchild, age 4. The sister went to her daughter’s house. The child was on a chair. The sister said she would like to sit there. The grandchild refused and saitd “I was here first”. The sister told her grandchild the grandchild “yes you were”. A few minutes later the child got up and the grandmother sat. I do not know what the mother was doing.

MF thought it was a cute story. My mother told me the story and found it not cute at all. She believes that it was rude selfish behavior. I said the child learned it from someone. She agreed. She said this should have been a teachable moment and if not what will happen when the child grows up. She continued will the child now an adult be sitting in a bus and not give up seat for an elderly person of course they won’t since the lesson of “I was here first” will be engrained.


My mother then went on, to me naturally, how this behavior instills disrespect for elders. I would have been in a hell of a lot of trouble if I had ever done what this child did. I would have received a lecture afterwards. I would think at four I would have known better.

Thoughts? Note my mother said nothing to MF since she did not feel like arguing and would not have changed her mind.

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