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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Cutting down on sugar + OT

Truth be told, Im a bit of a sugar snob. Cane sugar goes in coffee, honey in tea, white sugar is for cooking and baking and oh that delicious brown sugar when you need that extra oomph. I have 2 types of honey and 3 types of sugar in the house at all times. God forbid we run out. I will eat bread with sugar and honey as the only thing on it (besides butter) But after proclaiming for years “If it’s not giving me diabetes, it’s not enough sugar!” While pouring a second sugar packet in my coffee, I’ve decided to tone it down a bit.

My dad dóés have diabetes. Though he is overweight and I am in no danger of getting there, now that I’m 31 and back to my old weight I should probably stop dicking around. I’m starting by substituting my sugar/honey in my coffee and tea (that’ll probably save ne between 3 and 8 ts a day alone) but I wondered if anyone had any other easyto i plement tips? Have you ever tried to do with less sugar? WS it hard? Share away!


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