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Welcome To The Bitchery

I'm not sure how I feel about this analogy. It does illustrate some interesting points. Sometimes with things like this, I fall into the "whatever gets the point across" camp and sometimes I fall into the "just fuck right the hell off" camp.

Still, this is fairly on the mark

When you get hurt, it's your fault now. You should have been more careful. You should have watched where you were going. If you had just stayed in your proper place, this wouldn't have happened. You can try to argue, but you'll probably get brushed off. Maybe you should get a helmet cam and record every second that you're on your bike, so that you have unrefutable proof if something happens.


And it is written by Nikki Lee. The trouble with these type of things is that they could always end up going the way of Sinclair's The Jungle—instead of getting labor reform, we end up with the FDA.

What are your thoughts?

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