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Does anyone remember the wedding I went to last year? The one in the hidden forest? The one with the awesome rehearsal? And the equally wonderful reception? ETA: Thanks to Krabby, this has now become a “Let’s find the worst possible baby shower gift” thread. Can you top Krabby’s entry?!?!?!?!

Well, guess what!! They’re having a baby shower soon! YIPPEE!!! Henceforth, this couple shall be Rosemary and Mr. Rosemary. No reason. ;)


We still haven’t gotten a thank you card for their wedding shower present, their reception present, or picking them up from their hotel the day after the wedding and the airport after their honeymoon. But, you know, time for more presents!

Also, they recently bought a new vehicle to accommodate having a bigger family, only, after they bought the new vehicle, Rosemary decided she doesn’t like it and refuses to drive or ride in it because, and I quote, she’s “accustomed to luxury vehicles.”

Alrighty, Rosemary. Mr. Rosemary. Good luck with all of that.

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