Hello! So a while back I wrote about how my friends are overwhelmingly generous and pulled together enough money to buy a Catherine D’Lish robe. It took me two months to finally decide which one to buy and it arrived on Friday. I had a winery show on Saturday so my Friday and Saturday were both a bit busy so I haven’t really gotten to fully crazy enjoy it yet. But let me say - it is everything.

I ended up ordering the Cassandra Deluxe in Merlot:

It arrived in a deceptively small box but once opened, I knew it would not go back in again! It is HUGE. The color is more purple than the burgundy red displayed in the photo but the color is still opulent and lovely. For something made of mesh and feathers - it is surprisingly heavy! I did opt for extra floof so that may account for it.

It has a significant train to it and fits like a dream. I am not sure where I am going to store or display it since its so long its over 6 feet (I would argue about 7 feet long)...and I live in a tiny studio. Right now I am going to buy a new storage container just for my robes since I own several different delicate robes, and will wrap each one up in order to make sure they don’t get tangled or harm each other (some have jeweled embroidery).

It took me forever to open the box - I picked it up and just..kind of stared at it for an hour debating to open it or not. I am glad I waited - I had some cohorts of the show come over to pick me up and they let me be vain and filmed me opening it (for Patreon!) and also I just wanted to share the opening of the box with someone.


I have two planned photoshoots in March - one in NorCal and one in SoCal so I plan on dragging it along with me to get some good shots, though I already have some local photographers (and...sigh..models) asking to shoot it.

I fully intend on enjoying this beautiful piece of costuming art as much as humanly possible! It has been christened DA FLOOF because of how much feathers there are on it!