I'm just going to leave this here:

available court records indicate that Hall was straightforwardly held in contempt of court for failure to pay child support in a case which had a motion for contempt dating back to April 2013 (and a court document briefly glimpsed in the Houston television news report about the case shown above displays a header indicating Hall was indeed held in contempt for "for failure to pay child support"


Others sources reported, more accurately, that Hall was jailed "for failing to pay child support, even though he was fully paid up."


Also apparently he was using more visitation* than he was supposed to be getting which I think is a bigger issue here. There's a reason visitation is scheduled/allowed in certain amounts. I feel like if you're given a reduced amount of visitation than the "norm" it's because your living situation, treatment of the children, etc. isn't up to what the other/custodial parent thinks it should be, and as such, too much visitation is a bad thing. Am I way off base here? I don't have much experience with family law, but I feel like if you're not given the visitation you request there's a reason for it. I'm sure there are mistakes and vindictive custodial parents out there, but I feel like this is not one of those cases.