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DADCARE help (tw: cancer)

So I mention my dad on an infrequent basis. This is post is going to be all about him. The first part is sad but the second part is an inquiry for help of the holiday variety.

Backstory from a while ago: 2 years ago he was diagnosised with cancer (actually he had it for longer but they finally ran the tests my mom was agitating for and were like, huh he DOES have cancer. Again.). He underwent pretty traumatizing surgery over the summer that had him at the hospital for 42 days (not the answer to LtU&E let me tell you) and then was put on a autoimmune drug because we had exhausted all forms of chemotherapy. Yesterday was the day we found out if it was the cure we were hoping for. It was not. The last ditch efforts of a family rallying around a dying man were just that - last ditch. There is nothing more we can do & the cancer markers are back up and new tumors have formed with a vengeance. We have a few months left with him they say but its hard to gauge. My mother is heartbroken and going to take a long term sub to spend the rest of the time she can with him. I am probably also going to take a week off in January to spend with him instead of using my PTO for performance travel. We aren’t telling friends or family (with a few notable exceptions) until after Christmas.


So my parents’ still want to celebrate the holidays as if nothing is really wrong - which is tough when all you want to do as a collective family is just curl up and pretend 2016 never happened. This brings me to my hunt for my dad’s gift. I want to help his garden grow a bit more. He loves plants - every job he has worked since I was a kid had to do with plant life - cooling, grounds-keeping, cemetery upkeep - and every day not at work in the dirt was a day off in the dirt at home on his acre.


He likes bonsai trees, vegetables, legumes, trees, and currently is on a succulent kick. He has grown pumpkins, tomatoes, kale, corn, avocados, and the tiniest apple tree ever.

I want to give him some succulents that he can enjoy right away (not seeds since they may not sprout in time for him to enjoy and its winter....) that are a little unusual but can still thrive on the CA coast line. Most nurseries in the area are a tad uninspiring. I have found a few sellers on Etsy but am cautious buying something alive from Etsy PLUS I am not a great gardener myself so how soon should I buy the plants to ensure they make it to him alive?

  • Suggestions for plants to buy my dad & where to buy weird plants
  • Succulents versus other plants?
  • Cool pots?
  • How soon should I buy the plants?

Thank you! 

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