Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

October 9th.

Me & my beautiful, funny sisters are wrecked. It’s been a long road. 8 months of daily tag team to take care of a Father who adored us.


Today is the post~funeral day, and we’d thought maybe we would be able to huddle together in our pajamas with our Mother. Nope for us, but we made sure it was a YES for Mommy Pajamas. Today is Mommy’s birthday, too.

Our loved people flew in from far away, all week & landed in our hearts & fucking destroyed us with love. We were shocked & emotional when they came & wrapped us up in their arms.


The service for Daddy was Rolling Stones level great, Dolly Parton level musical & the repast my sisters made possible was Rock Lobster & Irish Whiskey delicious & memorable.

A right send~off for our beloved Daddy. He was a Lion & a Lamb. He loved us so.

I haven’t really cried yet & neither have my sisters. Still fucking numb.

I’d like to post the obituary here, but in Trump’s America, too dangerous. I’ll leave you with music....


(okay kinja says thumbnail to post whatever the fuck that means so bear with me, so Daddy’s Irish ash box)

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