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Dadlock update

He has been doing better (subdural hematoma). His speech pattern is very close to all the way back. Today he went to his Cardiologist.

Long story short, 16 years ago he had a valve in his heart replaced with a titanium one due to a childhood illness creating a defect. He has taken blood thinners ever since. Part of the reason his subdural hematoma was so bad was because of the blood thinners. Twice a month he had to get his Protime (clotting test) done along with bloodwork to see if his dosage needed to be adjusted.


The window of his dosage level was narrow before. The cardiologist today said that narrow window is drastically narrower. If he scores too low on the test he has a real possibility of a stroke. Too high may lead to another subdural hematoma. The doctor told him that he needed to have another open heart surgery to replace the titanium valve with a pig tissue one. My father was less than enthusiastic about having major surgery so soon after cranial surgery, and open heart surgery at that.

My dad remarked he would think about it if his life is at risk. The doctor’s reply was, “Oh, it definitely is. You have to choose between three bad options: heart surgery, another subdural hematoma, or a catastrophic stroke.”


He has scheduled a consultation with a heart surgeon. He is on the blood thinners, and he will be tested much, much more frequently.


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