My music tastes range more in the rock n' roll sphere, but one of my coworkers was listening to a really fun, bouncy song today and I really started to dig it. Everyone needs a silly, bouncy song every so often. I whipped out my phone, Soundhounded it, and then pulled it up on youtube once I got home. So, uh, apparently it's that Robin Thicke song and I don't know how to feel about this now.

I skipped over all the Jezebel articles about "Blurred Lines". The singer looked like a fifth rate Justin Timberlake and his statements made him seem like a first rate douchebag. I never listened to the song since pop music isn't my thing at all. I was content to ignore the whole fiasco. Just another outrageous, misogynistic video that will get an inevitable feminist parody which will then become just another one hit wonder.

I'm upset with myself that I think the song is really adorable and bouncy. The beat is killer, some of the lyrics are hilarious ("what rhymes with hug me?") and it's definitely earworm material. But Mr. I Think I'm Justin Timberlake Give Me A Disco Ball To Stomp On And Prove It is a heinous person with some especially disguising views about women. Do I want to support that with my paltry $1.29 (of which he gets about twelve cents) even though the song is... really just fun and bouncy?

Am I a hypocrite because I want a fun song to dance around my room in my undies as I get ready for work, even though the person singing is a GIANT DICK? Am I a bad feminist if I do download it and enjoy it? I feel like a logic robot being asked why two plus two equals chair.


Goddammit, I'm going back to rock n' roll. Nothing objectionable there!