I wrote an awesome, funny, topical post. I need to edit it, because Kinja would not hyperlink some of the stuff. But then Kinja keeps logging me out so when I go to my private view to get to the awesome post, Kinja's all "redirecting, because I hate you and you're ugly." But I can click on compose right here and post this meta-post about how I can't post. Which just makes me look stupid.

But I swear. I'm funny. It's coming. As soon as I can edit it.

For now. Here is a gif.

ETA: Ernie suggested clearing cache and restarting browser for this issue. I did that on Safari, but it didn't work. But when I switched to Firefox, everything was golden. In case others are having Kinja issues, try those steps. And also, mega thanks to Ernie for jumping right in with some suggestions almost as soon as this post went up.