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Daily Dump Clarifications

Hey guys. No Daily Dump today — since it's a weekend, Vtckr has the double edition tomorrow. But, since several of you wonderful and helpful folks have asked me some very good questions about doing the Dump, I realized that it's really been remiss of me not to just make a post clarifying them all at once (it's pretty inefficient on my part to keep answering them individually). This is not in ANY way attempting to say that anyone is doing less than a great job with the DD — I really love the variety in styles that it brings out, and you are all awesome for being so helpful. It's just that people have asked questions, and this seems like the best way to answer them. Here we go:

— For consistency's sake, please tag the entries with "The Daily Dump" rather than "Daily Dump." I know this seems minor, but it's actually a separate tag entirely, and if someone is out of town for a week and wants to use the DD to catch up on what they missed, it's helpful to have everything under the same tag.
— In general, feel free to share any linked Powder Room articles. Any mainpage/other userboards stuff really shouldn't be linked, though (even when it gets shared to GT), since DD is a GT-specific round-up.
— The DD should account for not just articles posted that day, but also articles from the previous day posted after the last Daily Dump. So if yesterday's was posted at 7 PM and today's is at 4:30 PM, today's should account for everything in the time between 7 PM yesterday and 4:30 PM today.
— What time of day you do the Dump is not hugely important. I'd probably recommend no earlier than around 3 (just to give articles a chance to gestate that day), but mid-afternoon/late-afternoon/early-evening/late-evening is all fine. It's probably ideal to do between 3 and 8, but if it gets left until 10-12 it's not an issue (God knows I've forgotten about it until later in the day before).

Hope that helped answer folks' questions! If you have any other questions/clarifications, please let me know and I'll be happy to answer them here.


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