Forgive this for being so early all, but I have to do this at work cause my roommates are jerks who didn't pay the internet on time.

This is abridged. It does not contain shared comments, shared posts from other blogs/sub-blogs, and it does not include every post on GT. These should also be (mostly) in order. Please forgive if I spelled names wrong.
Please add links in the comments if you think I missed anything and I will do my best to add!
This was a busy Friday guys.

At 5:55 pm


Kyosuke shared with us the best comment on her Piers Morgan Piece.

Everything is Shiny regaled us with her brand new copy of Groupeats
(Which is still on sale! Profits go to the Emergency Fund! Get your copy now! Print and Electronic)

Jenny "Them" Apples checked for interest in a Crafting sub-blog on Kinja.


Doit2Julia! began a discussion on the history and construct of whiteness in the US (Found it!).

SelenaMacSqualor gave us a rundown of people who should go fuck themselves this week.


KABarrick gave us a progression of Hiddles.


KorbinDallasBertPass gave us a rundown on GT etiquette.

EisanBolan has some spoilers for last night's Olympic Figure Skating.


Janelle Mone will be performing at the NBA All-Star Game!

As always, Fluterdale brought us Fuck it Friday for us to let it all out!


Gonzo the Pathological reminded us of Soon-Yi Previn in the overall Woody Allen scandal.

BigDamnHeroes is looking for some Intersectional Advice for a difficult teacher.


There Was A Star Danced shared with us Russell Brands essay on Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Drug Laws.

Eradicate4 showed us woman on Craigslist that wants a Robb Stark Lookalike.


IzzyRomaro gave us White People Who Don't Understand Cultural Appropriation.

Whosits gave us a palate cleansing positivity post!


The Weekly Self-Promotion Thread from our Benevolent Moderator SlayBelle.

MissyPants wondered who perpetuates sexual crimes.


Bingo, Carlos asked when and how to handle disagreements on GT.

Housekeeping: We have a huge volume of posts on GT these days, and you'll notice that cross-post shares (anything posted originally on a Kinja domain other than and comments shared to the main haven't been included for ease. Posts headlines are included with links in roughly chronological order (ETAs and timestamp bumps notwithstanding). If a link is either missing or dead, please politely make a comment with the headline and link in question so that the DD's author can add/delete it accordingly. If your post wasn't included, feel free to self-promote in the comments with linkage. Please respect that the DD is produced by a volunteer force of authors and is incredibly time-consuming to compile these days. Thanks and please sign up to do a DD roundup in the next open call!

Did I do this right PistachioBlackRasberrySnark?

Some additions:

The NJ Meetup! Looks like you all will be meeting up on 2/22! Discuss here!

Also, SugarHill will be having another fabulous yardsale, Sunday @noon EST. Get your valuables ready to sell!