Welcome to today's daily dump! Warning: this is a long one. I have a compulsive need to organize so I am going to try and categorize them and make use of the "related" feature so that the final product doesn't make my eyes bleed.


Today on our continual search for self discovery we tried to find out which David Bowie (posted by MellyFlickster), and which Orange is the New Black Character we are (posted by ME).

Body Talk*

There was quite a bit of body-shaming conversation today starting with Pope Alexander's about the fat-shaming on main page, Acorn Princess' about hurtful things her SIL says, Suhh Filthy's about why "thin-shaming" offends her, Katemelons on "Skinny Shaming", The Fat Acceptance Movement and Body Positivity, Rawrglicious' videos about her thoughts, as well as Jenn44163 and NinjaCate suggested that we all should just take a break from this conversation.


A lot of this conversation was spurred by a comment share of mine for which I apologized.


*almost all of these posts come with a trigger warning for body-related discussions

Woody Allen*

Several people weighed in on the molestation allegations against Woody Allen and his new op-ed in the New York times. Among those are: Madwoman's in the Attic about Woody Allen, our open response thread to Woody Allen's oped (by Sirdam Tychotronic), OmarGone posted about trolls on the stories about Woody Allen on mainpage, and Boogie cat's thoughts on Woody Allen and Dylan Farrow.


*almost all of these posts come with a trigger warning for rape, molestation, and incest.

Heavy Stuff

There were a few other posts about serious topics that didn't fit in the above categories such as Grandad Freeman's latest installment in the White History Month Series, MyPrettyFloralBonnet's desire for better main page pictures, Inspector Spacetime's thoughts about depression and relationships, YellowBird's continuing story about parenting with PPD, Princess Fluffybutt's about missing her ex and her relationship with her dad, I call logic fail's about depression, FreeSampleThief's great documentary clip, VirginiaBreach's post about Bank of America calling a woman a slut on a credit card offer, PuggleLover's about victim-blaming, LuckyFrogs' take down of Mike Huckabee's ridiculousness, Sidam Tyrchotronic's post about a Marxist critique of intersectional feminism, Kemberboyd started a discussion about misogyny from gay men, PuggleLover shared a distressing news story, Petticoat defined shit-testing,


Oh the Inanity!

Of course sometimes we need a break from big discussions and there were several posts on the lighter side about a variety of thing, such as: lentils (by WwtddGeekGirl's), music we love/hate (by, MyPrettyFloralBonnet), an adorable panda video (by OkenPeter), relationship anxiety (by TheWhistlingFish), weekend plans ( posts by BarlyCheer and Anastasia BeaverSqualor), IceCreamPig's love of coding, BlueTexan's cat post neutering, How Karen is doing post gall-bladder surgery (by Karen We Needed That Money), something about a bud? (by Kemberboyd), how much UmGeek has missed us (we missed you too!), a would be criminal mastermind (by Ivriniel), kindred spirits in literature (by EisenBolan), favorite bath products (by TamTams), Hiddleston on Top Gear (by La Piquante), uterus problems (by DangerTits), Very Hungry Jennibeth-Erpillar getting engaged! (congrats!), a beautiful PubMed pin (by Aurora F), delicious looking Toffee (by Madwoman in the Attic), the need for a "selective mute" button (by La Piquante), CAPS-LOCK ON MAINPAGE (BY C.A. "UBERTROUT" PINKHAM), FFS Gif Party (by Sempre Plou Sombre Mullat), Lost Binge watching (by GhostofCourtneyStoddensBoobs), Avengers 2 Speculation (by Gonzo the Pathological), HoneySmacks thanking us for cheering her up, Fashun (by ScarahMascara), Edamame (by Finger Sandwich Snacktastic), good gifs for dickheads (by Whiskey in the Shade), GroupDance (by SqualorandRoses), Shiny Red Robot becoming a shopping friend, Texas campaign ads (by DelicatedisArray), Bed Linens (by NappyHeadedFlo), adorable non-threats (by McStabbyPants), coastal scents swatches (by Rawrglicious), cake (by UmGeek), Groupkink (by Anastasia BeaverSqualor), trouble (by Ivyleaf), how Shoegal's day went, getting invited to an international honors society (by NatFace), getting called a "social justice warrior" (by CBG), giving a presentation at church (by DonnaNobleismyHero), groupconfessions (by Finger Sandwich Snacktastic), a cool short film (by Currently Kittah), cake decorating (by Piggy Willow), insomnia (by KayKay says Pass Me the Bleach), Grouptruths (by C.A. "Ubertrout" Pinkham), Remediosvaro's birthday (by Doctor Bright Eyes), funny ecards (by Honeysmacks), sex assumptions (by Anastasia BeaverSqualor), favorite animal facts (by Gonzo the Pathological), taking photos (by Napsauce), maddening realizations (by MountainMomma), night cheese (by Sempre Plou Mullat), sharing (by Queen Gaenor of Canada), Night Vale questions (by Korra), spooky accurate horoscopes (by ShoeGal), knee injuries (by Bingo, Carlos), awkward proposals (by Keksutaja), Mary Steenburgen's Birthday (by Gonzo the Pathological), nail stuff (by Klewless), Joe Biden being silly (by Gonzo the Pathological), going to a Mormon wedding (by FreeSampleTheif), going to grandma's (by yellowbird), Mad Magazine (by Gonzo the Pathological), lunch (by SorciaMcNasty), period panties (by Katy del Moxie), the FocusT25 Challenge (by IceCreamPig), weird phone calls (by PlentyofPaper), disappointing news about a job opening (by Zap Rowsdowser), boredom (by Eldritch), Gwendoline Christie (by Zap Rowsdower), a PSA and a cat (by PrettyFloralBonnet), Life of Pi (by Ghostof CourtneyStoddensBoobs), overpriced bags (by Heart of Copper), JinxieJade's Wedding Day (by OnMyMindGrapes), groceries (by HoneySmacks), what would you do? (by coffeejitters), irritating memes (by LurkerbyNature), corrections about Christmas songs (by C.A. "Ubertrout" Pinkham), dog videos (by PuggleLover), j-pop (by Vee), Fun Landlord Stories (by Catass), cooking fails (by MyPrettyFloralBonnet), renovations (by WanderingWombat), Lupita's endless beauty (by Everything is Shiny), eggs (by Dirty Jenna Slums), doge (by SeeKateRun), bad starts to the day (by Princess Fluffybutt), GT daydreaming (by Jenny "them" Apples), better titles to songs (by Kapaigirl), beach boys (by lateef), pajamas stores (by Lethekk), programmer jokes (by Cowbelle), more doge (by Jenny "them" Apples), annoying grocery store folks (by EisenBolan), food (by LizTaylorEarrings), awkward situations (by Flutter "Freebird" Dale), bragging (by Korra), Job Hunting Frustration (by Flithy Floreat), BB cream (by MiracleWhips), bill stress (by Currently Kittah), streakers (by Finger Sandwich Snacktastic), skunks (by ivyleaf). and Belle Virge will be on TV tonight!



A lot of GT got its drink on including Penny, NappyHeadedFlo, Whiskey in the Shade, and me. Because this post is taking forever...


The Olympics

With the Sochi disaster Olympics officially underway. many of us took to GT to share our thoughts. T_BeerMonster shared a fabulous Olympics promo, Chasmosaur100 talked about Canada's super cool skeleton Helmets, Everything is Shiny, Lethekk, FlarfenFoofenNoogan, BearsLoveHoney, La Piquante, and JinxieJade talked about the opening ceremony, Aurora F complimented sports commercials, Hello_my_Lover is building a giant Valdimir Putin out of tape, Queen Gaenor of Canada let us now about the first medals (USA! USA! USA!), La Piquante shared her love for Johnny Weir-Voronov and Tara Lipinski, and Ivrinel let us that Canadian sisters won gold at freestyle moguls.


A Call to Arms

Now we all can't do it alone, and some GTers decided to reach out to the community for some helpful input. FlarfenFoofenNoogan asked for some Vancouver tips, Fernweh needed advice about a dilemma (and posted an update), Zap Rowsdowser needs resume help, BitterColdTaylor wanted help picking out a present, TamTam wanted to know if it is tacky to take a bath while house sitting, Pyrax asked for some donations to a good cause, Kemberboyd needed advice picking a shirt, Fluter "Freebird" Dale wanted to know where Lateef is, Smilla is looking for a good jeweler in NYC, and NYC Cyclist wants to know why her cat is so flaky and why she is so flaky.



There a few IRL GT meetups in the works at the moment including a DC Sunday Brunch (post by Kookaburracho), and a possible NJ Meetup (post by Eljay42)



And of course, what would a day on GT be without Kinja being an asshole. Today we faced our notifications not working (post by Pretty Serious), comments getting drunk and thinking they are posts when you edit them (by Hello_My_Lover), and this new stupid blue arrow situation (by RomaStylee).


So I thought of an idea on how to improve the process of writing these things. I know we are supposed to edit and not include everything but I didn't want to leave anyone out without asking. I suggest that we utilize tags to let the writer know whether you want you post included in the daily dump. So when you write a post, if you want it included in that day's daily dump just put "Daily Dump" as one of your tags. Then when you write a Daily Dump you simply use that tag and write all the posts since the last one. What do you guys think?


Also: Just a reminder that only posts that were posted directly to GT since yesterday's Daily Dump are eligible. Comment shares, cross posts, and bumps are not included.

UPDATE: For a lot of reasons it doesn't seem like the tag system would work. Oh well!