Here, then, is next week's Dump schedule:

Monday, August 26 โ€” FlarfenFoofenoogan
Tuesday, August 27 โ€” bumblecat
Wednesday, August 28 โ€” Rainbow Bright Eyes
Thursday, August 29 โ€” whosits
Friday, August 30 โ€” Korra
Saturday/Sunday, August 31/September 1 โ€” FluterDale

This marks the first time I can remember where we actually had several volunteerings over what we needed โ€” and that's WITH Sorcia and Shiny not being able to go this week. In addition, aside from Fluter, I'm not sure if ANYONE else here has done a Daily Dump (and we actually could've had an entirely new slate of people, but since Fluter commented first I didn't want her getting all sad at me and thinking I was trying to say that her Dumps aren't lovely or anything).

Wow. Go us, huh?