I know, it's early, but I've got to get this (my first ever dumping!) done asap so that I can rush off to a board meeting like the Real Adult I am (too bad it's not still Mature Monday, I'm killin' it with the adulthood today).

Today we managed to move past our Monday grumpiness and pinpoint some of the bigger issues going on. Namely, holy fuck are there some dark and menacing conspiracies out there, guise!

Penabler started it out by pointing to some mad conspiracy theory business (or maybe just basic date-stamping issues).

NinjaCate asked: is Tim Wise really a privilege-blind douchbag, or has he been HACKED by the well-known PoC TROLL CONSPIRACY?!?

(I google-imaged "troll conspiracy" and this was the first result, DON'T ASK QUESTIONS!)

Only a vast and powerful conspiracy could explain how this grade A shart-bubble was elected, right Kyosuke?


Wax-Tadpole pretends he's innocently TMI-Tuesdaying, but we all know it's part of his Big Wax agenda (COME ON, it's right there in his name! Wake up, sheeple!)


In the best kind of conspiracy, AdamAntoinette shared an amazing story about how her mother joined the legions of courageous women fighting for the health and autonomy of women.

Let's read NYCyclist's interesting conversation-starter about patriarchy vs. kyriarchy, (because as LittleDanni reminds us, patriarchy is not a conspiracy).

As we've all suspected, gay marriage is a conspiracy, but BigDamnHeroes has found the man who used Science to blow open the whole tawdry scam. This is my head after reading that quote:


Despite all the conspiracies, Groupthinkers persevered! Penny created some beautiful art, Afrowithachanceofmeatballs had a great date, MrsManzana is safe, and Korra started a whole thread for happy thoughts!

And because Groupthink is The Best Place on the Internet (or, as Whosits suggests we say, Better Than Bunnies), there were some amazing conversations had as well:

Ubertrout kicked off some great discussions about culture, religion and identity.

And America's Baby, our own Reb-burt-ca ReyReynolds, got us talking the first time someone made us hate our body (welcome to adulthood, indeed! It's Mature Monday all over again...)

Annnnnd that's all folks! Don't yell at me if I've forgotten things, it's my first time doing the Daily Dump and holy cats do y'all write a lot of awesome stuff.