Evidently, overnight a man who blamed police for losing custody of his son, and “accusing him of being a terrorist,” attacked the Dallas Police headquarters with guns and bombs. (Way to show them by actually being a terrorist?) I was in Dallas when stuff started going down, so waking up to learn that other areas of the metropolis were under an active attack is weird.

Here is a twitter and live feed thing that the Guardian put together.

It looks like he bought an anti-zombie van from Georgia. I didn’t even know those were available.

He led police to Hutchins which is one of our more rural suburbs. The van was disabled and the man was shot through the winshield. They sent in the robot in to see the condition of the suspect and see if there were explosives in the van.


A bomb squad robot was trying to move a bag of pipe bombs when one exploded. The robot is still functional.

ETA: It popped up on someone’s FB feed after I left the club I was hanging out at and the DJ and door people were telling everyone to avoid cutting through the city on their ways home.