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Dallas Police fire Officer and refer case to the Grand Jury

I'm not sure how much coverage this has gotten nationally, but I thought I would share here.

I work for a mental health hospital. We work with police in the community to help get people who need to be inpatient in when officers come in contact with them and it isn't appropriate to take them in for arrest. Most of the time officers are able to talk people down and convince them to go to the hospital for treatment, especially if they know ahead of time that the person hasn't been taking their medication.

A mother called 911 on her adult son. He is schizophrenic, has been off of his meds, was angry at her and pacing up and down the street outside their house. She asked for help. The police came. The son was sitting in a desk chair in the street when they drove up and rolled up into a neighbor's driveway. As the police came across the street, they drew their firearms. The man stands up with enough force that the chair falls behind him. He has a pocket knife in one hand. The officers yell at him to drop it a couple of times and then open fire. They shoot him 4 times in the stomach.


The police report read that the mentally ill man lunged at them. He was under watch in ICU for charges of assaulting an officer.

The 2 neighbors who witnessed the incident and the security camera on one witness's house tell a different story. Thank God there was a camera.

I've seen a lot of people brought in to get mental health treatment by officers who were able to talk them into come in to get treatment (the patients were still brought in hand-cuffed, but that's procedure.) These two officers did not try to de-escalate the situation at all and I'm glad the police chief of Dallas has taken steps. The District Attorney's office will investigate to determine what to do next in the case.

Oh, the video played a lot on the news in Dallas. It's horrible to watch. I didn't post it here and the video on the link is broken right now.

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