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Damien aka Reluctant Antichrist episode one








We saw the first episode of this A&E series tonight on OnDemand. This is a sequel to the original 1976 movie. Damien in that movie was five which means he should be 45. Nope thirty. This show even has scenes and stills from.that movie. Which means he was born in 1986 and movie would have been set in 1991.


Now you would think “oh a sequel of an adult Damien like in Omen III with Sam Neill who worked in government and just got promoted to US Ambassador to England like his father was”. Oh also he knew exactly who he was.

Instead we get a war photographer who is a nice guy. Yes a nice guy. A thirty year old war photographer who will become a tyrant and the Beast. He has flashes of his childhood and visits by this very old woman who keeps an eye out for him and as he discovered in many photos. Actually the scene where she yanks his hair was weird but funny.

He was also visited by a woman played by Barbara Hershey who said he was always been looked out for.


His friend Kelly dying just seemed stupid. Since he was trying to save her life I would think her being saved would mean she would be an apostle. He genuinely mourned for her.

The church scene made no sense. He was angry but in grief. He did not think he was the antichrist. He was clearly not evil. You would think God would be grateful and give him a warm embrace. Instead the Jesus statue splintered. Well so much for trying to head off his rise as Antichrist.


I think they should have made this show close to Omen III not a remake but using the idea Damien knows who he is, pure evil. Instead he appears reluctant and could at any moment say “you know this antichrist thing is just wrong”. Also he needs lots of education on being evil.

I am curious how this show develops but it seems too much to believe a war photographer who is a nice guy becoming the Antichrist and a world tyrant.


As bad as the Left Behind books were at least the Antichrist was believable.

Oh Sam Neill personified The Antichrist. Not a great movie not even good but better so far then this series. Sam Neill was great.


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