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Damien is getting really good folks. Why? Supporting cast is excellent

This is based on first four episodes. Will watch fifth later this week.








Its the supporting cast which makes it so good.

Barbara Hershey as Ann Rutledge. She is an evil Mary Magdeline. She is completely devouted to Damien. Yet will not stop her from manipulating him to protect him or to get rid of her rival.


Her scenes with Damien are so good. One minute she will shift from a concerned friend to seducer and when seduction fails back to concerned friend. Her job has been to protect him until he reached the age of thirty and now to groom him to be the AntiChrist. A very reluctant AntiChrist. Yet prior to age thirty he never met her. She helps run a large financial firm that is a front for mercenaries.

Detective Shay. A NYC detective. He has four mysterious deaths all connected to Damien. Oh he is also gay. He has confronted Damien twice. Most of episode three was him interviewing Damien and interviewing Rutledge. She totally manipulated him as well, yet he is suspicious. David Muenier plays Shay. He knows something is very wrong, he beat evil twice but does not quite grasp the big picture. He is being setup as the hero.

Damien he is torn. I think he wants to be a regular guy. In many ways he is nice, compassionate and wants nothing to do with this Antichrist business. In episode two Rutledge acknowledged he has to chose to take on the roll. She is hellbent of him embracing it.


I only saw episodes one to three. Shocked Observationdeck is not covering the show. First episode was bad the next three have been excellent.

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