WHY? Why do we do that thing where we agree to a second date when we don't want one? I hate myself so much right now.

The good news: Home from coffee/park date, alive and well! The pink flags did not turn into red ones at any point. A mutual nice time was had.

The bad news: No chemistry. Agonizing pauses (amid some otherwise good conversation). Guy is hot and nice as heck but I juuuuust didn't feel it. We're both getting shifty and he awesomely starts to wrap things up by suggesting that he ought to let me get going if I'm to make my appointment (which is well over an hour away), so I assume there will just be a mutual goodbye and well-wishes and then I'll just never hear from him again. BUT THEN! He's all, hey, can we get together again for drinks sometime soon? And I immediately go "ahahahah yes that would be great!" :D :D :D and set a vague time-frame for weekend after next and WHYYYYYYYYYY. Do I do this? How does one say "yeaaaah no" like, right to someone's face like that? I know it's the "adult" thing to do or whatever, but I find it impossible to do in the moment. And now I'm stuck trying to figure out how to extricate myself from date 2 as soon as possible. Like, nip this shit. Because he's already texting me saying he can't wait.

Stories? Advice? I'm a big girl and I've been in this situation before but there's no getting around how much it suuuucks. I'm such a feelings-chicken.