I'm still listening through all of my music in alphabetical order, and I've gotten to the "d"s. [OMG, just got to "Dress Rehearsal Rag." Give me a mo.]

Anyway, I ran into a stretch yesterday where every song told me what not to do. In order, I was told no to

...drink the water (Okay, but what about the ice? Is the ice safe?)

...get lost in heaven (What, because I'm a dude you think I won't stop and ask directions? SEXISM!)


...let go (I'll never let go! Except for right now. Enjoy your ice-watery tomb, Jack!)

...go back to Rockville (Maybe it's best if I just don't go there in the first place)


... let us start (Twice!) (Yeah, that one is as much on you as on me. There is no "U" in "let's")

...pass me by (Look, if you're going 55, I'm passing you, even if it is a school zone)


...push it or force it (Yeah, no.)

...worry about the government (Yeah, fat chance of that happening OBAMA!!!)

When did music get so negative? Jeez.