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Dammit, I really liked THIS Facebook Friend [UPDATED]

Undecided on the unfriending part, undecided about starting a debate (since I am neither a black woman nor gay white man), but decided on the, "you're being an insensitive jerk" front. All I want to say is, "when someone says something offends them, you should listen. You can choose to disagree, but goddammit listen."

I'm gonna stay out, I think, given that it's not my fight - only for reasons of not wanting to speak out of turn or inappropriately. Unless you guys disagree. I dunno. No comments but if there are any it'll probably just be an echo chamber.


A link to the referenced article is here.


So another friend of mine, a gay black man, commented the two comments in the attached picture, after a conversation about whether a culture can really be "stolen" or appropriated happened.


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