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Dammit, never read the comments!

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Not even to recipe posts!

So I am in the middle of making crock pot Greek yogurt (and now I will have yogurt in my freezer for weeks), and I decided to wander down into the comments of this recipe to see how it turned out for others. The comments started out harmless, mostly "Yum" and "Good idea!" types. Then, someone who apparently didn't get enough attention as a child started in on the "this recipe is devoid of nutrition because powdered milk is not milk" path. Soon after, the phrase "Big Pharma" is being bandied about, and out of nowhere an anti vaxxer pops in her head just to let you know she exists and starts talking about whooping cough.


Damn! It's a freaking yogurt recipe, you weirdos! Nobody reading it cares about anything but making yogurt! But I guess they saw the word "Foolproof" and decided to take that as a challenge and bring out the tomfoolery.

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