I haven't given him the clicks in months, even during the recent controversy (retraction, I think I did on the most recent BCO and felt so dirty), but I had to click on that one. Amazingly he managed not to openly shit on Texas (which I cannot believe) but the commenters picked up the slack immediately.

Do they seriously not understand that horses are a badass form of transportation? I mean, if he was on a lawnmower with a built-in beer coozy or something, and punched someone in the face because they didn't give him enough Fire sauce, ok, make fun.

But this dude basically said "Hey, you know what, let's just go get a damn crunchwrap, Snickers." (Because we used to have a horse named Snickers.)

This isn't "herrderr, Texas is Florida with spurs" it's fucking cool and means his horse is extremely well-trained and trusts his person.

I mean, seriously haters, YOU try it.