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Welcome To The Bitchery
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I think I feel bad for Becky y’all.

First let me say that I am too fucking grown for this. But here we are.

So today Becky comes and tells me that she and Teneshia went to the mall together. And now they are bff. Now this was a shock because I know teneshia does not like Becky.


So Becky leaves and I’m like oh teneshia you and Becky huh.

Teneshia furiously shakes her head and relays the story.

Becky approached Teneshia and invited her to go to the mall of Georgia. Its just a really big mall. Teneshia was getting ready to say no. But then Becky started crying, and then saying she had no friends. So she said yes.


Teneshia and her friend have been trying to get a ride to,this particular mall so she thought it would be fine.

Apparently things got really weird. Becky got mad that Teneshia s friend came even though she said it was ok. Becky didn’t want to go into any of the stores except Macy’s. Becky didn’t want to scoop any boys with Teneshia and her friend. Becky didn’t want to talk to Teneshia’s friend.


So basically she’s weird and I deeply empathize with that. Hopefully this feeling goes away soon.

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