Winter makes me listless, I talked about feeling meh about mine and Geekboy's current social circle the other day. Amongst things I'm feeling meh about is my job, though that's been going on since summer. I have an interview coming up in a couple weeks, I know I should be applying to more, but since I am working the motivation to fill out those damn online forms that TAKE FOREVER has really dropped. (Seriously though why do these need to exist, that's why RESUMES exist to see what the person has done and knows in a handy document).

I'm just worried that my listless, mehness, will have me change jobs and make a lateral move for a lateral move's sake. This job has more growth, commute's the same (literally down the street of my current job), benefits are probably comparable (guessing not at that stage). The job's focus is on the part of my job I'm good at and have dedicated people for the part I hate/suck at.

My concern is primarily moving and taking a risk on lateral money. Last salary bumb I went from 28K paying for terrible benefits to about 40K and having my benefits 100% paid for. So that's a big jump in my opinion. What's a salary range to move jobs for $5K ish? Anecdata would be helpful. May delete later since it's discussing personal stuff, or possibly just edit.

Oh the ACA help: Open enrollment is going to start soon, and Geekboy is working but has sucky benefits so we're going to check quotes (stupid having to be married for him to go on my benefits, it's so old-fashioned in my opinion). Anyone do this in the last enrollment and have any advice?