So, day off, settled in with a cuppa and some yarn and pbs in the background. You may remember that I’m a member of a nerdy yarncraft competition on Ravelry that is Harry Potter themed. You get points by crafting objects for Hogwarts Classes and each month each class has a prompt to guide your crafting by. Elaborate projects, or high yardage or a really good prompt story can earn you more points for your house, etc etc- it’s a whole thing. And I looove getting super high scores(<-game asshole) So this month the Herbology prompt has to do with pine trees and evergreens. So, being a bloviating idiot with a massively inflated sense of what I can actually do, I decided to attempt to convert the charts for a cowl and make socks out of them. This chart is clearly meant for a tube that would be mostly sealed and protected. The floats are huge, and I am very unhappy. Thank god my color work is decent, I am tacking floats ever’where. I am also stubborn as shit so these socks will fucking happen so help me god. ‘Course, this wouldn’t have been an issue if I hadn’t let my massive ego decide on my projects. I may be swapping my tea for bourbon