I have been enjoying my evening of icy white wine and Christmas cookies, embroidering away while Downton Abbey plays in the background. But the weirdest thing just happened. I succumbed to peer pressure. I bought a ticket to see Coriolanus at a movie theater.

I'd been trying to avoid it. I am perhaps the most cliche, the most clearly target-demographic, and I hate that. I've tried to tell myself that it's a Shakespearean play that I'm unfamiliar with, that I've never read nor seen, and I would be a bad student of theatre to miss it. Then I remind myself that I'm also an unemployed single woman in her early 30s with the time in her schedule to attend a matinee at 2pm on a Thursday. And I feel awful. I know Shakespeare is always good for me, but I really wish I didn't know that the audience will be filled with squealing college girls (it's on a campus). I have horrid Leo DiCaprio flashbacks from the late 90s, and I feel the same as I did then. Damn you, intelligent attractive men, and your worthwhile, smart projects!