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Damn you, Pinkham (and other weekend complaints)

My hangover wants sushi, but my SO has my car and I don't like the sushi place I can walk to. THIS IS YOUR FAULT, PINKHAM. THE HANGOVER IS CRYING FOR SUSHI, AND YOU HAVE TO REMIND ME ABOUT SUSHI BY POSTING ABOUT OTTERS. Fucking otters have more sushi than I have.

In other news, GingerIsAConstruct and I met at this huge wedding we were both at last night (which we figured out in a MP article about seersucker suits last week). We looked great. No pics though.

I have my last wedding of the weekend later today (LAST OF THREE). I just don't think I can take it! I don't want anymore! FOUR DAYS IN A ROW OF SHOWERING, SHAVING, BRUSHING MY HAIR AND WEARING EYELINER. FOUR. Wedding Thursday, rehearsal dinner Friday, wedding Saturday, wedding today. Sickening, how much love there is in the air.


Because this weekend will mark the 9th (and final, I assume) wedding of 2014 that I have attended, I have had a year of education in planning my own. I have collected lists of do-not-likes from all of the weddings. Last night's was the best by far - my only complaint was the music could have been dancier. I'm not going to know very many people tonight (and I have to stay under control for work tomorrow) so I'm guessing tonight will not be as fun for me, but that's not anyone's fault.

UPDATE: Ate some crackers, feeling considerably less angry.

UPDATE 2: Just noticed I have been writing this and screwing around on the internet with a comb stuck in my hair. I was trying to detangle my hair, and I received a text message, so I left the comb while I responded to it and 20 minutes later, comb in my hair.

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